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IFSO general recommendations on COVID-19

14-03-2020, 11:17. Разместил: admin
Dear Members,

the IFSO leadership would like to address to all its National Societies and to all its Individual Members the following recommendations.

Premise: The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30th January 2020.

Given the pandemic spread of COVID-19, IFSO's leadership is concerned for the health and safety of its members, and their families, and, most importantly, the welfare of our patients.
We do hope you stay safe and away from the virus.
After considerable thought and deliberation, the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board would like to put forth some guidance in this very delicate situation. One case could become a cluster and so on.

Here are some general recommendations for your safety and for the safety of your families, patients, colleagues, and friends.

General Recommendations:

1) Postpone all non essential meetings to a later date. Any activity that can be done online should be done online and minimize live meetings.

2) Be extremely vigilant with your personal hygiene and take the suggested precautions to limit the spread of the infection

3) Follow the guidelines of your Government and health authorities who best know the situation of your own country to decide if you should continue performing elective Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery.

4) Postpone any non essential travel.

5) Carefully take into consideration the pandemic and the potential risks before deciding whether to operate and when not to operate on patients.

6) Let your conscience be your guide.

Take care and stay safe.

The IFSO Leadership

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